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25 Longest Serving Cutwel Employees

Our staff are Cutwel's most valuable assets. Without their hard work and dedication, Cutwel wouldn't have grown into its market leading brand and be renowned in the industry for accurate, reliable and friendly service.

Here is a list of our 25 longest serving employees who have been part of our journey so far, along with some kind words of why they enjoy being a part of Cutwel.

25. James Hayward - Senior Customer Care Team Member (5 Years Service)
24. Ellie Jeffrey - Assistant Management Accountant (5 Years Service)
23. Liam Scaramuzza - Technical Manager (5 Years Service)
22. Laura Dryden - Account Manager (5 Years Service)
21. Keith Butterfield - IT Manager (6 Years Service)
20. Gemma Pawson - Credit Controller (6 Years Service)
19. Victoria Burton-Chambers - Senior Customer Care Team Member (6 Years Service)
18. Luke Jennings - External Technical Sales Manager (6 Years Service)

"I enjoy working at Cutwel because every day I learn something new. My job always offers new challenges and I get to meet and work with some of the best people in the industry!"

17. Mitika Mistry - Senior Account Manager (7 Years Service)

"I love the people I work with! No two days are the same and you're constantly learning something new all the time!"

16. Paul Abberton - Senior Marketing Executive (7 Years Service)
16. Samantha Ramsden - Customer Care Team Leader (7 Years Service)

"I like the variety of work and the fast-paced environment that I work in. All my colleagues are friendly and I enjoy working with my team. We all work really well together!"

15. Shauna Bonas - Senior Account Manager (7 Years Service)

"I really love building customer relationships and getting to know the ins and outs of their projects. What really makes the job worthwhile is knowing you're not just a 'sales person' but actually part of a process to help the engineering industry.

When you see the finished product, knowing that the tooling came from Cutwel, really puts a smile on my face. It makes me know that I have done a good job!"

14. Alister Lawton - Warehouse Operative (8 Years Service)
13. Liam Waldron - Supply Chain Co-Ordinator (8 Years Service)
12. James Maack - Digital Marketing Manager (8 Years Service)

"After working here for over 8 years time has really flown. There is never a dull moment which is in no small part down to the dynamic approach of the company which keeps you busy, coupled with the great people that work here!"

11. Jonny Chadwick - Warehouse Operative (8 Years Service)
10. Sam Daly - Trade Counter (8 Years Service)

"Things are always changing at Cutwel, meaning you're never at a point where you know everything, so there is always something new to learn which keeps things interesting. The people I work with are amazing and feels like an extended family!"

9. Shaunie Mangham - Company Accountant (9 Years Service)
8. Janet Whittles - Warehouse Operative (9 Years Service)

"After working here for over 8 years time has really flown. There is never a dull moment which is in no small part down to the dynamic approach of the company which keeps you busy, coupled with the great people that work here!"

7. Lauren Hirst - Business Development Manager (10 Years Service)

"I have loved the last 10 years working at Cutwel! I like how driven everyone is and how much everyone wants to succeed here. The way we are all treated is like nowhere I've ever known, and we are all so lucky! It's been amazing to grow with the company and progress in my career!"

6. Bethany Hall - Sales Manager (15 Years Service)
5. Bryony Merriman - Sales Manager (15 Years Service)

"The people are what make Cutwel. Everyone is willing to chip in and help in any way possible. I enjoy the variety that Cutwel brings. Over the years, the company has grown from strength to strength and it's been very enjoyable and rewarding to be a part of it."

4. Caroline Cooke - Customer Care Manager (16 Years Service)

"I've loved the last 16 years working here and it's really gone by in the blink of an eye. We have a brilliant team here with all departments pulling together to make sure we all succeed and the customers are happy.

I feel proud of being part of the company from a small team to what it is today, and the company we've all helped to create along the way."

3. Kirsty Jackson - Senior Sales Manager (17 Years Service)

"I enjoy working with the Cutwel team. We have an amazing set of individuals who go above and beyond to make sure everyone succeeds.

I also really enjoy seeing the newer members of the team grow in confidence and knowledge."

2. Adam Gillard - CEO (20 Years Service)

"Having joined the company when it had just 2 employees, I've loved to see the progress we have made in the last 20 years to develop and grow our employees from young, inexperienced adults to strong, capable and dedicated team members. Whilst we have great products at Cutwel, our people are truly amazing."

1. Nikki Everitt - Senior Account Manager (25 Years Service)

Nikki is our most senior staff member, being at Cutwel since its inception in 1996. Back then, Nikki was the sole employee at Cutwel, meaning she would man the telephones and deal with any sales enquiries then go through to the warehouse and pick and pack each order herself.