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Bott Ltd: Workplace Storage Solutions

Cutwel are proud to work with and supply market-leading workplace solutions from Bott. Whether you’re looking for a new workbench for your home workshop or shed, or needing a comprehensive storage solution at a large manufacturing facility, Bott has you covered. With a huge range of sizes, colours and even a custom design service to suit any requirements, Bott do truly offer a complete storage solution.

Read on as we break down Bott’s history, product range and advantages over other storage manufacturers.


Who are Bott?

Bott GmbH formed in 1930 when Wilhelm Bott founded a mechanical workshop in a mill near Gaildorf, Germany. The company quickly grew to a staff count of 70 in 1940 and, as of 2016, now employ over 950 people!

Featuring three production sites in Germany, England and Hungary, Bott is the leading international manufacturer of vehicle equipment, workshop equipment and workstation systems. They have achieved this thanks to a combination of expert support, quality manufacturing and comprehensive ranges.



What products do Bott supply?

All products are covered by the Bott ‘Built to Last’ 10 year guarantee, as Bott believes that all their workplace solutions represent a high quality long-term investment.

Furthermore, Bott prides itself on its modular product design. Even bespoke solutions can be adjusted or altered further down the line. Different ranges are also interchangeable, meaning Cubio, Verso, CNC and Perfo units can be used in tandem.



Bott Cubio

The Bott Cubio range is Bott’s most premium and heavy duty range designed for the toughest workplace conditions. Certain models feature load capacities up to 1,200kg and a heavy-duty construction. Each product in the range is customizable in various ways including worktops (multiplex or lino), drawer dividers, cupboard door styles and drawer capacity (75kg or 200kg).

Bott’s Cubio range includes:



Bott Verso

Value and functionality are at the heart of the Bott Verso range. Whereas Bott Cubio units are designed for heavy duty use and 1,200kg load capacities, Bott Verso are better suited for more general industrial, or home workshop, use.

Standard drawers feature 60kg load capacity and benches support up to 600kg. Models are made from a reinforced, welded steel housing and the range also features PPE and janitorial cupboards, as well as computer lecterns. Also, similar to the Cubio rangeVerso products are customizable with worktops (or top trays), drawer dividers, cupboard door styles and internal cupboard fittings (e.g. Perfo panels, hook-on bins, shelf dividers).

Bott’s Verso range includes:



Bott CNC

The Bott CNC range has been designed especially for the engineering industry to protect expensive tooling and tool holders. Tooling is stored securely by utilising ‘Tool Holding Inserts’ which come in various tapers and sizes. Common tapers include BT, SK (DIN69871), ISO, HSK, PSC (Capto Compatible) and VDI. These inserts fit into tool carriers, which themselves fit into trolleys, cupboards and drawers.

What’s so useful about the Bott CNC system is its modularity and ability to integrate with existing Bott products; tool carriers and inserts can be used with a wide range of Cubio units. Tool carriers can easily be removed from housing in cupboards or trolleys and used as freestanding units.

Bott’s CNC range includes:



Bott Perfo

Flexible efficiency is the ethos behind the Bott Perfo range. The range is named after Perfo panels, which are used in conjunction with trolleys, cupboards and racks to provide easy access tool storage. With Perfo panels fitted, you can fix a comprehensive number of accessories including hooks, tool holders, shelves and fixings. All of these are available from Bott.

Louvre panels differ from Perfo panels. Perfo panels are used with steel accessories, whereas louvre panels work with hook-on plastic bins and are better suited for high capacity component storage. Akin to the CNC system, the Perfo system integrates with cupboards and benches in both Cubio and Verso ranges.

Bott’s Perfo range includes:

  • Perfo & combination panels (both Perfo and louvre panels combined).
  • Overlays (self-adhesive tool shape silhouettes).
  • Accessories (applied to Perfo panels).
  • Panel & hook kits.
  • Louvre panels & bin kits.
  • Plastic bins & storage bins.
  • Panel trolleys.
  • Mobile panel racks (Freestanding and mobile units).
  • Panel cupboards.



If you would like to discuss any of Bott's products, or would like a personalized workplace storage solution creating, get in touch today on 01924 869610 or email sales@cutwel.net. We are backed up by Bott experts who are able to assist with even the most complex of enquiry.