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Introducing brand new tooling from our 25th Anniversary Catalogue!

Introducing brand new tooling from our 25th Anniversary Catalogue!

Our NEW bumper 1400-page catalogue is out now and features our comprehensive range of engineering tooling, as well as lots of new tooling innovations!

The catalogue is just one way we are commemorating our remarkable 25th anniversary. We also recently underwent a forward-looking rebrand which is also reflected in the artwork in this new catalogue.

Click here for more information on what this rebrand means for Cutwel

You can also click here to view the full catalogue as an interactive PDF.

See below some of the new product ranges that are featured in our 25th anniversary catalogue:


TPDC Plus Drill from Korloy



The Korloy TPDC drill can realise the same performance levels of high performance carbide drills with a replaceable solid carbide insert. The system provides low cutting loads, excellent chip evacuation and highest levels of accuracy and tool life.

  • One step clamp system - Increased stability and shortened setting time.
  • Helical shaped coolant system - Excellent cooling and stable chip evacuation.
  • High helix angle and flute polishing - Reduced cutting load and enhanced chip evacuation.
  • Various applications from enlarged line-up by depth of cuts and shapes of workpiece.





Dorian Solution Tool!



The Dorian Solution Tool NO! Vibration Re-Tuneable Boring Bar will suppress the natural vibration of the boring bar body which occurs when the insert comes in contact with the workpiece in the cutting operation.

The internally tuned mechanical dampener system provides the optimum dynamic stability in deep hole boring operations for a better machining performance, smooth surface finish, precise tolerance and long insert life.

  • Available in 6mm to 100mm diameter shanks.
  • 8xD, 10xD, 12xD and 14xD maximum depth holders.
  • Modular type with quick change heads for boring, grooving & threading.
  • Available with standard through coolant or high pressure jet stream through coolant for 200% more tool life.






Vardex TMSD Deep Hole Indexable Thread Mills


Vargus’ TMSD Mill is a multi-flute, highly productive and economical solution for milling threads in deep holes.

There are two types of TMSD thread milling options:

  • L-Style: For small bores and short L2 (reach).
  • U-Style: For large pitches.

The main benefit of the TMSD Mill is that you can create Metric, UNC/UNF, 55°/60° Partial Profile & NPT threads using a single holder. Steel & carbide shanks available, as well as a screwed shank model.





Abrasives from ATA Garryson

Cutwel now stock a comprehensive range of abrasives from market leaders ATA Garryson. Our range includes:

  • Flap Discs.
  • Minidiscs.
  • Resin Fibre Discs.
  • Shop Rolls.
  • Hand Pads.
  • Garryflex Blocks.
  • Quickchange Discs.
  • Flap Wheels.
  • Mounted Points.
  • Flexidiscs.





Simmill 4V


Simmill 4V is an Indexable T-Slot milling system with anti-vibration design & low cutting resistance.

The system uses high quality micrograin carbide inserts, precision ground to the highest tolerances. 

The special seat design and vibration cushioned seating provides a stable cutting environment. Inserts have 3 cutting edges each with its own geometry - this ensures the lowest cutting resistance in what is typically a demanding application.





Simmill M4


Simmill M4 is an Indexable Disk Milling System for slotting operation from 6mm widths.

The system is available from 80mm to 200mm diameter with widths of 6, 8, 10 & 12mm.

Inserts have 3 cutting edges and are made from high quality K grade micrograin carbide.  Tool holders are available with a face mill arbor fixation or with a bore with keyways.





Kitagawa BR Series Power Chucks


  1. Higher Accuracy - Gripping accuracy of <0.01mm T.I.R. Immediately after jaw forming.
  2. Improved Repeatability – Gripping accuracy of <0.01mm T.I.R. or less immediately after reattaching jaws when using Kitagawa Tnut-Plus. No need to reform the jaws.
  3. Reduced Jaw Lift - Improves stability, especially in high speed turning. Tool life and surface finish can be improved compared to other 3 jaw chucks.
  4. Interchangeable - With Kitagawa B-200 and BB200 series chucks, old chucks can be easily replaced.
  5. Large Through Hole - 53mm (6" chuck), 66mm (8" chuck), 81mm (10" chuck) & 106mm (12" chuck).
  6. First & Second OP Machining - Due to the high accuracy, the BR Series can be used for rough and finish turning, even in high production turning environments.





Haimer 3D Sensors

We are proud to partner with high quality German measuring tool supplier Haimer to compliment our comprehensive range of measuring tools.

Align machine spindles to work piece edges and reference edges (X, Y, Z axis) using Haimer Touch Sensors. IP67 waterproof protection means these sensors can be used in even the most demanding of workshop environments.





i-One Drill

Next Generation High Performance & High Accuracy Exchangeable Carbide Insert Drill For Steel & Cast Iron Ø10.00 - 31.75.

The YG-1 i-ONE drill is designed for the highest performance drilling of steels and cast iron above Ø10mm. The exchangeable carbide head reduced tool cost compared to solid carbide drills, whilst offering a greater range of diameters and the same level of performance.

The special pin-key clamping system and self centring geometry ensures highly secure clamping and high accuracy drilling.





Cutwel Pro EZChange System



The Cutwel Pro EZChange system is a quick change tooling system, ideal for conventional milling machines without automatic tool change.

  • Change adapters in less than 5 seconds, no wrenches required.
  • Master shank available in R8, DIN2080, Morse Taper or Straight Shank.
  • Adapters available in ER collet chuck, side- lock arbor, jacobs’ taper drill chuck mount & face mill arbor.
  • Run-out <0.015mm.
  • Can also be used as a quick change system for CNC or conventional lathes using the 25mm or 32mm straight shank master.






Teknik Through Coolant Turning Tools

Get through coolant turning tools at an economical price from Teknik! External holders are available with internal coolant in a lever lock or screw on style. Right or left hand styles available.

Holders for use with CC**, CN**, DN**, DC**, WN** & VB** style inserts.



YG-1 HF4 High Feed Mill


The HF4 Mill is a revolutionary new high feed milling system for steel, hardened steel, stainless steel, HRSA & cast iron Ø16-52mm. The ultra-thick reinforced insert design and close pitch insert spacing enables the highest feed rates with exceptional tool life.



  • ENMX inserts with 4 cutting edges.
  • Dedicated chipbreakers for steel, stainless steel & cast iron.
  • Suitable for high feed milling, profiling, face milling, ramping and helical interpolation.
  • Holder diameters range 16-50mm.



  • High feed mill which will improve productivity, slash cycle with increased depth of cut.
  • High cost efficiency with 4 cutting edges.
  • High versatility in machining.
  • Wide flank face for rigid insert clamping.
  • High feed rates with low cutting forces.
  • ENMX inserts have advanced corner protection to protect against any breakages.






Thread Repair Kits

Cutwel now offer a range of thread repair tools in kits. These kits are ideal for repairing or reinforcing a thread whilst maintaining the diameter.

Each kit includes different combinations of:

  • Drills.
  • Taps.
  • Insertion Tools.
  • Break Tools.
  • Thread Repair Inserts.

Our threading inserts are corrosion and heat resistant and made of a sturdy stainless steel construction.




Clamps from ER-EL & Miksan

We also now supply a wide range of clamps from ER-EL (standard) & Miksan (modular) clamps, including:

  • Side clamps (e.g. sliding side clamps, high power side clamps, side toe clamps).
  • Top clamps (e.g. sliding top clamps, heavy duty top clamp risers, slimline top clamps).
  • Modular clamps.
  • Accessories (pressure pads, clamping elements, clamping supports, t-nuts, clamp nuts, washers etc).