Lever Lock Boring Bars
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Lever Lock Boring Bars

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Negative Boring Bars For Medium To Rough  Machining

Lever Lock Boring bars use a strong and stable clamping system for medium to rough boring. The benefit of this system is there is no interference from the top clamp. Lever lock boring bars are also excellent value and cover most negative style turning inserts.

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Features and Advantages of Lever Lock Boring Bars

The clamping system works by locating the centre hole of the insert into the lever of the tool holder. A hex screw is located on the top of the tool holder which, when tightened, pushes down on the lever and pulls the insert to the back of the pocket and against the seat. The benefits of lever lock style tools include quick and easy changing of inserts, uninterrupted chip flow and lower cost compared to other negative style clamping tools.

The order codes are characterised with the prefix letter P in the middle section of the order code (e.g. S25R-PCLNR-12).