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Cutwel is still open for business! We have taken the necessary precautions following government advice, including extra protection for our warehouse staff who are working hard on site to dispatch all orders as normal. The majority of our office staff are now working from home but available to take your calls and emails for orders/enquires.


Bott are a market leader in workplace storage solutions with over 80 years experience. All Bott products come with their "Built To Last" 10 years extended guarantee. Cutwel supply wide range of Bott products from their Cubio Verso and CNC ranges including cabinets, workbenches, spindle tooling storage units and much more!

The Bott CNC Tool Storage range is an ideal solution for keeping your spindle tooling stored safely & tidily. There are various combinations you can have all of which incorporate the easy to use tool holding inserts that can fit into mobile trolleys, bench stands, drawers and cupboards. Compatible with most CNC tool types.

The Bott Cubio Storage range is the professional solution for your storage needs. It is designed for advanced applications and demanding environments with higher load capacities and a comprehensive accessory range. The range features workbenches, cabinets, cupboards and mobile options in a wide range of sizes.

The Bott Verso Storage range is a lower cost alternative to the Cubio range whilst maintaining quality and functionality. The range features strong and robust workbenches, cabinets, cupboards and mobile options with a comprehensive accessory range.

The Bott Perfo Storage range is a flexible and modular system for open storage of tools, small parts and consumables. It incorporates wall panels, in-cupboard systems and free standing solutions with a vast range of accessories making it an ideal partner for other Bott ranges.

The Bott Facilities range is a collection of products designed to help manage day to day cleaning, recycling, quality control and data input tasks that are increasingly important in todays workplace. Products includes Janitor cupboards, Computer Cupboards, Hazardous Substance cupboards, Recycling Stations & much more.

All Bott manufactured workshop storage products benefit from a 10 year guarantee. Bott have always believed in delivering products which are up to the job and represent a strong long term investment. Their Built to Last philosophy drives every aspect of our business processes. From design, to testing, to manufacture, our processes and culture give us the confidence to stand behind our products.