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Coromant Capto® is a modular quick change tooling concept offering three systems in one:


- Quick change tool holders for turning centres reduce set-up and tool change time

- Coromant Capto directly integrated in the spindle increases stability and versatility in e.g. multi-task machines, machining centres with turning capability and vertical lathes

- Coromant Capto as a modular system for machining centres offers a large variety of extension- and reduction adaptors, enabling assembling of tools with different lengths and design characteristics.


Traditionally Capto is only associated with Sandvik, however Cutwel partners Benz and Simtek have developed new tooling systems in conjunction with Sandvik to produce tools and toolholders that can connect directly with Capto enabling the end user to increase their range of quick change tooling and utilise existing Capto tools in conjunction with driven tools and angle heads.


Benz Capto

Benz have developed Benz Capto in conjunction with Sandvik to produce a range of quick change angle heads and driven tools that can utilise existing Capto toolholders.

- For milling, routing and drilling up to 100 bar coolant pressure

- Stability and rigidity with high flexibility at the same time

- Compact shape guarantees high cutting speeds and surface quality

- Fast tool change with additional locking mechanism (ratcheted)

- Ideal for heavy milling



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Simtek Capto

SimTurn and SimMill toolholders are now available of Capto shanks, meaning grooving and milling tools can be attached directly to the machine spindle without the need for extra toolholders.  This not only reduces cost and inventory, it increases rigidity, accuracy and surface finish through the reduction of errors by using multiple toolholders.