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Finish Boring Headset For Dinox FBC Modular Boring System (Dine) - FBC Series


Starting at £1,076.78 £897.32

This system is ideal for fine boring from 130mm up to 540mm. The unique fine adjustment feature allows high precision boring with just 0.01mm increments. This headset comprises of a rail, a balance block and a cartridge. The cartridges hold the inserts and are suitable for use with standard ISO tips such as CCMT, CCGT and TPMT. These are suitable for use with either the BT50 or SK50 Dinox Tool Holders (FMD50 Series).
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Min. Bore Max Bore Length Min. Bore Max Bore Figure L L1 Ød Ød1 H Inserts Connect Code Centre Bore Range Side Bore Range Min. Bore Max Bore L L1 L2 S Inserts Connect Code Min. Bore Max Bore Min Back Bore Max Back Bore Taper ⌀D ⌀D1 ⌀D2 ⌀D3 Length M L1 Figure Shank Connect Code Internal Connect Code External Connect Code Boring Range Inserts Connect Code Stock Price (ex VAT) Qty Action
130 180
Approx. 4 days. Subject to availability
£1,076.78 £897.32

Min. Bore 130
Max Bore 180
- +
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175 225
Approx. 4 days. Subject to availability
£1,182.62 £985.52

Min. Bore 175
Max Bore 225
- +
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220 270
Approx. 4 days. Subject to availability
£1,290.16 £1,075.13

Min. Bore 220
Max Bore 270
- +
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385 465
In Stock
£1,637.50 £1,364.58

Min. Bore 385
Max Bore 465
- +
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460 540
Approx. 4 days. Subject to availability
£1,789.68 £1,491.40

Min. Bore 460
Max Bore 540
- +
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Features & Benefits
  • Finish Boring System from 130mm up to 540mm Diameter
  • Unique fine adjustment with just 0.01mm increments
  • Headset comprises of a rail and cartridge
  • Cartridges hold FBB130 bites
  • Suitable for use with FMD50 series BT50/SK50 Dinox Tool Holders
Boring System Dinox TBC/FBC Modular Boring Systems
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Brand Dine
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