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Cutwel Celebrate 20 Years Of Business



This month we are celebrating our 20th year of supplying the engineering and manufacturing industry with high quality tooling. Check out our story to date below: 

The family run company, owned by husband and wife Paul and Mary Hawksworth, began in 1996 from humble beginnings in a small converted house in Mirfield. With only one sales person, Nikki Everitt (who is still with the company) they began the journey with their now global supplier YG-1 from South Korea, who were Cutwel’s first and only source of cutting tools at the time.

It took a further two years for Cutwel to become the UK supplier for Korloy, Korea’s leading Indexable tooling brand. A further two people were employed by this point as Cutwel continued their expansion.

In the beginning…

On the move...

After seven years of growing their brand, employing more staff and increasing the demand for their cutting tools, 2003 saw a major landmark as Cutwel outgrew their original offices/warehouse. And so began the search for new and larger premises. A solution was found in nearby Dewsbury, a storage warehouse at just under 1,000 sq. feet was acquired to allow for more stock to be held.

Only four years later in 2007 Cutwel were on the move again. Demand for their products had increased further, so more space in the warehouse was required. The new building, still based in Dewsbury, was seven times larger and at the time it was difficult to imagine them ever filling it. Although that was quickly proved wrong…

More suppliers, more products…

2010 was a key year in the development of Cutwel as a tooling provider. Three new major suppliers came on board, Benz and Karnasch of Germany and Gerardi from Italy. Benz and Gerardi were Cutwel’s first entry into work holding and tool holding solutions, a natural progression from the traditional cutting tools they previously supplied.

The new products prompted the Cutwel Catalogue to be born, combining the new additions with existing products and supporting technical data it

It was just two years later in 2012 that Cutwel began targeting the Routing and Metrology industries by introducing products from suppliers such as Insize, LMT Onsrud and LMT Belin. This is when Cutwel released two new specific catalogues to support the growth of these divisions.

Just a year later, as their work holding section continued to expand, Cutwel were appointed as sole UK distributors for Gerardi, Italian manufacturer of exceptional quality machine vices, angle heads and driven tools. At the same time new suppliers Chandox and Lihsun joined the ranks, offering lathe chucks and revolving centres, prompting the introduction of Cutwel’s work holding catalogue.

Finding their home…

As Cutwel’s product ranges grew and grew, so did the demand. The physical size of their products also increased as work holding and tool holding systems are significantly larger than cutting tools. This created a challenge as it they became difficult to store in the current premises. In order to combat this and ensure the availability of products was second to none, Cutwel made their biggest move to date and in 2013 they relocated to their current headquarters in Cleckheaton. This location had a warehouse boasting 25,000 sq. feet of storage which ensured a huge range of items could be kept in stock for next day delivery.

A short time after Cutwel moved to their new headquarters, another huge milestone came with the launch of Hawk 3D Proto, their division dedicated to 3D printing and additive manufacturing. It was a fitting addition to Cutwel, as their current customer base has a demand for 3D printers but it also opened up new avenues into education and other new industries, extending the reach and potential of the business.

Hawk 3D Proto is born…

Cutwel go e-commerce…

Keeping up with the latest technologies Cutwel launched a new e-commerce website which was designed to benefit customers by creating a quick and easy approach to purchasing. The new website is also a library of resources which allows staff and customers to find information such as technical data, availability, pricing, company news and more.

Twenty year's on…

Cutwel are proud of what they have achieved over the past 20 years, combining great products with excellent customer service. It has been an eventful and exciting journey for the West Yorkshire based tooling supplier and who knows where their continued growth will take them in the future.

To celebrate 20 years of Cutwel they held a company event at Doncaster Racecourse on Saturday the 25th of June. All the staff who attended got to enjoy the excitement of the horse racing during the day and a concert from the one and only Tom Jones at night. Cutwel are also marking their 20th year by offering Buy 1 Get 1 Free on all cutting tools.

For more information on Cutwel’s 20th year anniversary please contact on 01924 869 610, or visit