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Cutwel Launch New Modular Type Milling Cutters from YG-1!



Cutwel, UK & Ireland’s leading independent tool supplier have launched a new range of modular type milling cutters from their global supplier YG-1. One of the main benefits is that machine down time is reduced and productivity is increased as you can assemble the tool on the job because the design allows for a quick change over of the heads. They centre on a two piece design with a steel shank and a replaceable carbide cutting head.

The system ensures costs are lower than standard milling cutters as you pay only for the carbide that you use. Due to a special locking thread between the cutter head and shank, maximum rigidity is achieved while speeds and feeds can be optimised.

The new range provides great flexibility too because one shank can take different heads with various profile shapes and geometries while all shanks have a through coolant facility too. You can also access awkward to reach places with no interference from clamping screws or locking nuts too.

The new range is available and in stock now at Cutwel for Next Day Delivery!