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Cutwel Ltd - Supporting Mental Health and the Growth of Our Employees



At Cutwel our colleagues are our main assets, so their mental health and wellbeing is extremely important and taken seriously. Mental health is a common issue in today’s society, according to the mental health charity, Mind, 1 in 6 people report experiencing a mental health problem such as anxiety and depression in any given week.

We have recently undertaken mental health training for our staff to increase knowledge and awareness of this sensitive topic. We have also appointed 2 fully trained mental health first aiders, Samantha and Keith, to support their colleagues when required.

Northorpe Hall - Mental Health Training for all Managers and Staff!

Northorpe Hall Child and Family Trust is an Independent Charity, based in Mirfield, with over fifty years' experience of helping young people overcome life's challenges.

Their current work includes:

  • Telephone support and advice
  • Counselling
  • Mentoring and Peer Mentors
  • Mental Health Interventions
  • Family Support Volunteers
  • Support Groups for Young People
  • Group Activities
  • Support to Schools
  • Training

Cutwel’s management team visited Northorpe Hall in March 2019 for dedicated training on mental health and wellbeing and how to deal with any related issues. In April 2019 Northorpe Hall then visited Cutwel and held training sessions for all staff. These sessions were organised to help staff become more aware of the difficulties surrounding mental health issues and to allow people to grasp a further understanding when facing these problems.

Cutwel Ltd - Mental Health First Aiders

We recently took the important step to offer mental health first aid qualifications to our inhouse staff with the view to them being appointed official mental health first aiders.
This was put in place so any of our employees who may be struggling with mental health or emotional distress can speak to our first aiders who will listen to them and support them in any way they can.
We are delighted to announce Keith Butterfield and Samantha Ramsden as our official Mental Health Trained First Aiders here at Cutwel and we asked them about fulfilling their roles:.

Keith Butterfield

"The reason mental health is important to me is because I have had many friends and family who have struggled with mental health problems for a while and I would like to think that they could come to me if they feel down or like they are struggling in a time of need. Mental Health in the workplace is something we need to treat with care and respect because one slip up can cause serious distress for employees and people all across the UK, not just at Cutwel."

Samantha Ramsden

"I wanted to become a mental health first aider because I have quite a few friends who have suffered in the past and are still suffering in one way or another so I wanted to broaden my knowledge so that I could get a better understanding of the different types of mental health and also how to spot possible cases that may need addressing. I just wanted to be of help if needed as I feel I am approachable and trustworthy so should anybody feel the need to come forward to me they could feel at ease."


Since the introduction of Mental Health First Aiders at Cutwel we have already seen that they have been a great help when it comes to supporting the workforce in times of struggle and distress. The Mental health first aiders are a great start to the future plans here at Cutwel, we want to use these roles to ensure the ongoing support for all staff members.

Due to the consistent growth of Cutwel we are always having to broaden our perspectives and take onboard new information. Following the training we received from Northorpe Hall and realising how much mental health can affect everyone, Cutwel are looking to further expand our knowledge on the subject of mental health with future training and more mental health first aiders. This way we can be confident that mental health and wellbeing issues can be supported as much as possible by the company and our knowledge and understanding continues to grow.

In light of the recent training and all the advice that Northorpe Hall provided to Cutwel, we were delighted to announce them as our chosen charity. Cutwel held an Easter charity day on the 18th of April to raise money for this fantastic cause. Through our bake sale and other fundraising activities, we managed to raise a £220 for Northorpe Hall.

Cutwel want to ensure our employees aren't alone when it comes to facing these problems and that their colleagues and mental health first aiders are there to support them.

These training sessions involved some detailed discussions on some of the difficulties surrounding mental health. Many people live their lives without speaking out and people can be suffering in silence. This was one of the key takeaways from the training and that it is important for everyone to understand how different types of mental health can fluctuate as life goes on and the pivotal role it plays in someone's life if they do struggle.

Cutwel's Chosen Charity - Northorpe Hall

Future Plans to Support Staff Suffering with Mental Health Issues?