Cutwel now supplies Benz angle heads
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Cutwel now supplies Benz angle heads



The heads, from German manufacturer Benz Werkzeugsysteme, enable machining of parts in one hit, reaching awkward places or confined areas and are said can greatly improve cycle times, coupled with reduced set-up times. 

They feature the Benz X-line head design, which consists of a crown gear at the machine side mated to a straight gear at the tool side. The company says this design offers greater rpm and torque than competitors' products with two bevel gears. 
A number of configurations and angles of Benz heads are available, including an adjustable angle unit (0-100°), double-output 90° angle head, offset 90° angle heads, slimline 90° angle heads and units with fixed 15°, 30°, 45°, 60° and 75° orientations, in ER25 and ER32 fitting. A 90° 95 mm long MONO WSX single ER16 fitting was listed for £2,918.70 in early January 2015. 

The Benz range complements Cutwel's range of Gerardi single- and two-piece angle heads, the latter with an interchangeable shank, so a single head can be used on a BT, DIN or HSK machine simply by changing the shank.