Cutwel Offers Gerardi Fully Automated 5 Axis Vices
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Cutwel Offers Gerardi Fully Automated 5 Axis Vices



Cutwel Gerardi 5-axis vices featuring Zero Point are now available fully automated for machining one-off parts or production runs. Manufactured from high grade steel, the vices have minimised overall height dimensions allowing for low profile clamping. Each hardened and ground (HRc60) jaw has adjustment steps of 2 mm (multi-axis self-centring) and has a gripping accuracy within 0.02 mm.

Each vice series has interchangeable jaws – stepped, gripper, soft machinable, hard, prismatic and serrated – catering for varied material shapes and sizes to be clamped. 

The multi-tasking, self-centring or eccentric vices allow obstruction-free simultaneous 5-axis machining in a single set-up – without special fixtures or workholding systems – allowing contouring of complex profiles or machining deep cavities in awkward-to-reach places. 


The vices' solid, rigid and robust construction minimises deflection. A low clamping profile ensures high gripping forces are achievable for accurate and secure workpiece holding and cutting, and allowing components to be machined to high tolerances. 

Much thought has been given to how the vices can be adapted or fitted to the machine tool. Precision machined bores and location slots allow back plates and tennon locations to be used for mounting to machine tables, pallets, indexers or rotary tables with no loss to accuracy 

Combined with Zero Point, the design of the Gerardi vices allows them to be removed from machine tools in seconds with no loss to accuracy (Zero point repositioning accuracy is within 0.005 micron). Hydraulic or pneumatic systems provide clamping forces up to 25 kN and holding forces of 60 kN.