Cutwel Visit to Benz, Germany
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Cutwel Visit to Benz, Germany



UK & Ireland Nationwide tooling supplier Cutwel Ltd sent 2 Members of the technical team to visit one of their major tool holding suppliers Benz in Haslach, Germany. The visit was situated at the main Benz factory and provided valuable insight, knowledge and work experience within the metal and wood (composite) industries with some hands on training. At the conference itself there was a total of over 40 global participants from all over the world including delegations from USA, Taiwan and China.

The experience will in turn help increase sales of Benz products via Cutwel within the UK and continue the growth that both companies have experienced in recent times. Cutwel have supplied Angle Heads by Benz for some time now however while topping up their knowledge on current products they also experienced new products to the Benz range such as the Benz LinA broaching units for CNC Lathes and Machining Centres. It is a simple yet highly effective system which works as a driven tooling unit and can be used on almost any CNC lathe or machining centre with live tooling.


The major benefits of the Benz LinA that were highlighted during the conference were the efficiency of one hit machining, reduced bottle necks and a highly economic way to machine different profiles. All this plus the cost effectiveness of the system with its low cost investment and ability to save energy and resources makes this new system perfect for push type aggregates. Numerous types of machining can be done to make Torx, Splines, Gears, Keyways, Hexagons and Sprockets. Benz also supply an individual broaching tool which can be adapted to most CNC machining centres, and neither tool require any Z axis programming, this tool reduces machine tool loads, prevents machine tool wear, preserves the machine tool bearings and also no special programming is required.


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