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King Drill U-Drill System

Optimal outer & inner insert design and configuration reduces cutting loads by up to 50% whilst ensuring a better surface finish, and reduced vibration

    Shop Now King Drill U-Drill Holders

    Unique inner & outer pocket design ensures more equal and consistent wear, which in turn reduces cutting loads by up to 50% and virtually eliminate deflection on entry.

    Shop Now King Drill U-Drill Inserts

    Seperate outer (peripheral - SPET/SPMT) and inner (central - XOMT/XOET) inserts available in either general purpose for all metals or high rake aluminium grades.

    Shop Now King Drill XL U-Drill Large Diameter System

    Large diameter drilling from 61-100mm. Cartridge can adjust the drilling diameter by up to 5mm in 1mm incraments. Easy to adjust diameter with adjusting bolt & washers.