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Solid Carbide Drills

High performance carbide drills for machining all materials, including specific ranges for harder-to-machine materials like aluminium, titanium and hardened steels.

    Shop Now High Performance Coated Carbide Drills

    Exceptional tool life and performance over HSS and Powder Metal. Self Centering. Special geometry drills available for tougher materials like titanium, inconel, aluminium and hardened steels.

    Shop Now Uncoated Carbide Drills

    Special geometries for aluminium, titanium, copper, bronze, composites and more. Low cost general purpose to high performance drills available. Available with or without through coolant.

    Shop Now Deep Hole Series Carbide Drills

    MQL drilling up to 30xD. Long tool life, high penetration rates and good chip removal. Suitable for use on steels <HRc45, stainless steels and cast iron. No reaming required!

    Shop Now Diamond Series Carbide Drills for Composites

    Ideal for composite and 'sandwich' materials like carbon & glass fibre, kevlar and abrasive plastics. Special geometry prevents delamination. Diamond coating increases tool life substantially.

    Shop Now Flat Bottom Series Carbide Drills

    Designed for drilling flat, inclined and curved surfaces and is 2-3 times quicker than drilling with a slot drill. Suitable for drilling steels <HRc55, stainless steels and cast iron and non-ferrous materials.