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Mag Drills, Hole Saws & Core Drills

Core Drills and Annular Cutters from Karnasch - Made In Germany

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Silver-Line Core Drills
High Performance Uncoated HSS-XE for Steel
Gold-Line Core Drills
Uncoated HSS-XE for Steel & Stainless
Blue-Line Core Drills
Coated HSS for Steel & Stainless
Blue-Line PRO Core Drills
Coated Powder Metal for Steel & Stainless
Hard-Line Core Drills
Tungsten Carbide Tipped for Highest Performance
Core Drill Ejector Pins
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Core Drills (often reffered to as Rotabroaches or Rotabraoch cutters) are specifically designed to remove a cylinder of material, similar to a hole saw and the material left inside is known as the core.  They are also known as annular cutters.  The benefit of using a core drill over a twist drill is that a much larger diameter can be drilled with a much lighter drill and with much less cutting resistance.  They are typically used with mag drills, although often they are used on drilling machines, especially in sheet metal, structural steel or construction steel engineering.


We supply a wide range of Karnasch Core Drills made in Germany for many applications such as:

Eco-Line: These are the lowest cost general purpose core drills in the range. Suitable for steels and aluminium. Uncoated HSS-XE substrate for basic machining.

Silver-Line: This range is a step up from the eco-line. It is still uncoated HSS-XE for steels and aluminium however it is much more durable and higher performing.

Gold Line: Uncoated HSS-XE for general purpose steel and stainless steel machining. 

Blue-Line:  A Dura-Blue Coated HSS range of core drills that are good for steel & stainless steel machining.

Blue-Line PRO:  A step up from the standard Blue-Line , as this range can machine harder materials.

Hard-Line:  The highest performing Core Drill range and the only one that uses carbide. A tungsten carbide tipped core drill which is excellent on all Steels, Stainless Steels, Cast Iron and Aluminium.


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