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Modular Boring System

Precision Modular Boring Systems from 6mm Diameter to 540mm Diameter

Modular Boring Systems
Category Microboring Systems (FBH, KMB & SMH Series)
Wide Diameter Boring Systems
Category Wide Diameter Boring Systems

Precision boring is possible on a machining centre with a modular boring system.  Modular boring heads are adjustable so that range of diameters can be bored with 1 head.  Precision boring heads can be adjustable in 0.01mm increments whilst rough boring heads can be adjusted by 0.1mm or 1mm increments.  Precision boring offers a quicker cycle time than helical mill boring operations.   The Dinox modular boring system is the best boring system on the market in terms of accuracy, modularity, ease or use and value.

Side locking screw:  tools can be assembled and disassembled on the machine with the simple and secure side locking screws.

Accuracy: available in adjustment increments of 0.1mm to 1mm in H7 tolerance.

Modularity: I system can be used for boring, milling, drilling and tapping. 

Range: from 6mm diameter to 540mm diameter. 

Length:  any length is possible with the use of extension pieces.   Value: typically 30-40% lower in price than our competitors and we have achieved better results in terms of vibration and accuracy. BUY TODAY OR CONTACT US FOR ADVICE!