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I-Dream Drill High Performance System

The Exchangeable Tip Drilling System That Saves Times & Reduces Your Cost Per Hole

The YG-1 i-Dream Drill is a replaceable insert drilling system that uses advanced drill point technology and solid carbide ground inserts to produce accurate, consistant & high quality results with a reduced cost per hole.



  • Holders available in 3xD, 5xD and 7xD maximum drill depths
  • Self centering
  • Drill point geometry and substrate same as YG-1 solid carbide DREAM DRILL
  • Through coolant
  • High precision
  • Optimised chip control and evacuation
  • Secure, high-precision interface between drill body and tip for extra stability
  • Strong clamping with single high strength precision screw

High Accuracy Insert Positioning & Clamping

The interface between tip and drill is simple, accurate, and stable which enables high accuracy drilling with long tool life and high reliability. Operations such as boring and reaming can be eliminated.


  • Secure, high-precision interface between drill body and insert
  • Insert changing is possible whilst tool is in the machine
  • No need to reset tool length after insert change


The i-Dream Drill torx screw is specially designed and manufactured to produce consistant, strong and stable clamping forces. Always use the supplied torx wrench to prevent over or under tightening.

  • Metric or inch sizes
  • Multiple diameters per holder
  • Ground solid carbide
  • Steel or Inox geometry inserts


The GENERAL geometry insert is ideal for steels, pre-hardened steels, tool steels and cast iron. It uses a stronger drill point geometry.


The INOX geometry insert is ideal for stainless steels, aluminium, copper alloys and soft steels. It has a lighter, sharper cutting edge with a softer cutting action to prevent built-up edge, work hardening and premature wear.

i-Dream Drill Inserts

The i-Dream Drill system is an extension of the YG-1 solid carbide Dream Drill range. It uses the same drill point geometry, material grade and coating. Inserts are available from 12.00mm - 31.75mm diameter in both metric and inch sizes and each drill can clamp a range of insert diameters.

I-Dream Drill Holders

The i-Dream Drill holder design ensure maximum performance and reliability, in the most aggressive machining conditions.


  • Drill flutes with optimized shape, size and helix angle optimised for safe chip evacuation and overall tool stability
  • Rigid drill body for high penetration rates and excellent hole quality
  • Internal coolant for all drills
  • Insert changing is possible while tool is in the machine to reduce downtime
  • 3xD, 5xD or 7xD length holders

Machining Cutting Data

i-Dream Drills use similar cutting data to YG-1 solid carbide Dream Drills.


Result: fastest time per hole, greater accuracy and longest intervals between insert changeover.

The i-Dream Drill is the natural choice when total cost per hole is the most important factor in the machining process.

Machining Guidelines

i-Dream Drills are extremely reliable tools, however it is important that you follow the guidelines below to avoid tool failure or premature wear.


  • Always run i-Dream drills close to the recommended cutting data, low feed rates can cause inserts to rub and break down, high RPMs can cause inserts to burn out (if in doubt contact our technical team for advice).


  • Through coolant is recommended for drilling above 1.5xD on any material. The absense of through coolant can cause premature tool failure, rapid insert wear and chip clearance problems.


  • Do not bore with i-Dream Drills.


  • Reduce the feed rate to 85% when you use 5xD holders & 70% for 7xD holders.


  • For use of 7xD holder, we recommend to drill a centering pre-hole with equal to or larger than 140° point angle to min. 2/3 cutting diameter. The use of the centering pre-hole improves hole location, roundness and surface finish.