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King Drill Indexable Drilling System

Revolutional Indexable Drilling System from Korloy – High Accuracy, Low Power Requirement and Trouble Free Drilling

  • Precise drilling due to special insert design (within 0.1mm compared to 0.5mm on competitor drills)
  • Low risk of tool failure due to special design of central insert pocket and tougher grade
  • Available in 2xD, 3xD, 4xD & 5xD from 12-60mm in 0.5mm increments
  • Low power requirements, possible to drill large diameter holes on low power machines
  • Exceptional performance, value, reliability and precision

U-Drills or Indexable drills are ideal for drilling larger holes (12-60mm diameter) on milling machines, machining centres and lathes.  U-Drill style drills are the most robust and reliable replaceable insert drills for metal cutting.  U-drills take 2 replaceable indexable inserts that have multiple cutting edges.  U-drill inserts are made from sintered carbide and give excellent toughness, making them ideal for machines with vibration issues. We recommend that you should always use the shortest u-drill possible to prevent unnecessary vibration or deflection.


The Korloy King Drill system is offers extremely high reliability and excellent performance compared to other u-drill style drilling system though the use of duel geometry inserts (central and peripheral style), 3 coolant holes and wider chip pockets.  The extra coolant hole, tougher special geometry central insert and chip pocket design make the King Drill the most reliable u-drill available.

Drill bodies are available in 12mm-60mm diameter in 0.5mm increments, in 2xD, 3xD, 4xD and 5xD maximum drill depths.  The King Drill can be offset by up to 0.5mm per side when used on a lathe. Buy the King Drill oniine today from Cutwel.