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King Drill U-Drill System

Indexable drills are known for their cost-efficiency, but often come at the expense of accuracy and hole quality. The Korloy King Drill solves this problem with unique insert geometries and a configuration that creates a balanced, step-by-step entrance into the workpiece.


This reduces cutting loads to less than half of typical insert drills, and virtually eliminates deflection on entry. The results are higher accuracy holes, better surface finish, reduced vibration and worry free machining.





  • Holders available in 2xD, 3xD, 4xD and 5xD maximum drill depths, from ø12.0mm to ø60.5mm in 0.5mm increments
  • King Drill XL Holders available in 2xD, 3xD & 4xD maximum drill depths, from ø61mm to ø100mm (holders adjustable by 5mm)
  • Through coolant
  • Different insert for central & peripheral pocket
  • Grades for steel, stainless steel, cast iron, exotic and aluminium machining

King Drill Standard 

For 12.0mm to 60.5mm diameter holes in 2xD, 3xD, 4xD and 5xD max drill depth holders. King Drill standard bodies use 2 indexable inserts.

King Drill XL

Adjustable cartridge system for 61mm to 100mm diameter holes in 2xD, 3xD and 4xD max drill depth holders. King Drill XL bodies use 4 indexable inserts.

 The King Drill’s solution to this is a different insert design for the inner and outer pocket which ensures more equal and consistent wear and improves hole accuracy, especially in deeper holes. The central insert has a small point which takes the first cut on the inner section of the hole whilst the outer insert takes the second cut on the outer portion of the hole. This reduces the cutting load by up to 50%, improves accuracy, tool life and surface finish.

  • Optimised insert design for inner and outer pocket
  • Central insert stabilises the drill on entry for higher accuracy machining
  • Designated grades for each pocket to ensure consistent wear

Optimised Insert Design

Most indexable drills use the same insert geometry & grade for the inside & outside pocket, with the same setting position. This is a common reason for tool failure as the central insert can rub & wear quickly due to the difference in surface speed between the 2 inserts. Also both inserts enter the workpiece at the same time causing deflection.

High Accuracy Drilling - Even In Deep Holes

Due to the King Drill insert design, accurate holes can be drilled, even in 5xD drill depths. Many competitor drills can deflect as much as ø0.5mm in depths above 3xD, causing oversized and un-parallel holes.


The King Drill can maintain higher diameter accuracy even with 5xD drill bodies. Please refer to the table below for drill tolerances*.

* The length of drill, type of workpiece, machine stability, tool holder quality and cutting condition can affect the hole tolerance.

Grade Selection by Insert Pocket & Workpiece

To ensure consistent tool life in both insert pockets and prevent tool failure, please refer to the table below for the correct grade selection for each pocket and material.

PD Chip Breaker

LD Chip Breaker

ND Chip Breaker

Universal chip breaker with strongest cutting egde for steels, stainless & cast iron. For use at medium speed and medium feed.

For superior chip control in mild steel and stainless steel machining. Light cutting, for use at low-medium speed and low feed.

Polished high rake geometry for superior chip control in aluminium machining. For use at high speed and high feed.

Reducing & Increasing The Diameter (Using In A Lathe)

King Drills can be set to drill both OVER & UNDER diameter when using in a lathe, simply by adjusting the X axis. Full information of the offsetting range of each drill can be viewed on the link below. Please refer to this document before using the King Drill in this way to prevent tool failure.

Take a look at the King Drill video below for more information: