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Supercut Spade Drill System

The YG-1 Spade Drill System, Spade Drill Bodies and Spade Drill Inserts

The Supercut Spade Drill system is our best selling system and can drill from 9.5mm to 114mm diameter, up to 20xD deep.  Spade Drill holders can drill a wide range of diameters with 1 holder, reducing the number of drill bodies you need to buy. The spade drill is the best solution for sub-contract engineers who drill a wide range of diameters for many different jobs - the versatility reduces the need for a huge inventory or u-drills, meaning 11mm-65mm diameter can be covered with just 5 holders. The most versatile drilling system in the world!!!! 

  • Drill a wide range of diameters with each holder (e.g. 13.0-17.5mm with a Series C holder)
  • Drill bodies from 2xD to 20xD on standard holders (u-drills are limited to 5xD)
  • Unlimited drill depths with the modular system
  • Insert available in HSSE, Powder Metal or Carbide
  • Taper shank spade drill bodies (ideal for lathes or radial arm drills) or Weldon shank spade drill bodies
  • Rotary coolant adaptors to give throough coolant on non-through coolant machines
  • Compatible with Arno Shark Drills, Allied Maxcut and Europa spade drill bodies or inserts

For the most reliable performance, increased tool life and amazing results on stainless steel, try the new powder metal spade drill insert from YG-1.  Buy online today from Cutwel.