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Supercut Spade Drill System

The most versatile drilling system in the world!!! Drill a wide range of diameters with just 1 holder!

The Supercut Spade Drill is the most versatile, drilling system in the world, suitable for both CNC and conventional machining applications. It is possible to drill from 9.5mm to 114mm diameter using just 9 different sized holders with high accuracy and performance.


Each spade drill holder can clamp a wide range of insert sizes for different diameter holes, making it the most cost effective and universal drilling system available. Supercut is a must for any sub-contract machine shop that drills a wide variety of hole diameters from one day to the next, saving you vital money on buying new indexable drills for every diameter or boring holes out to size. Inserts are fully ground and available in both metric or inch sizes.


Diameter Range of Each Holder Series

From Extra Short To Extra Long Spade Drills

Supercut holders are available for short holes to deep holes up to 25xD in both Morse Taper Shank or Weldon/Flat Shank. As the insert is self-centering, deep hole drilling is possible with reliability and accuracy.


For extended length holders and above, it is recommended that you pilot drill 1xD deep with a short length spade drill of the same diameter (do not pilot drill with a smaller diameter drill or drill point with a different angle - this will cause tool failure. HSS or PM inserts are recommended for drilling above 7xD.

YG-1 Supercut Inserts 

YG-1 Spade Drill inserts are extremely accurate compared to traditional indexable drills and also offer vastly lower cutting resistance. This is due to their natural drill point and ground cutting edges.


  • Fully ground self-centering inserts
  • Inserts feature both chip breakers and chip dividers
  • Available in flat bottom
  • HSS, HSSE, Powder Metal or Solid Carbide grades
  • Metric or inch sizes


High Accuracy Insert Positioning 


  • Secure, high-precision interface between drill body and insert
  • Insert changing is possible whilst tool is in the machine
  • No need to reset tool length after insert change

Insert Grades

T15 (HSS 5% Cobalt) / M4 (HSS)

First choice for general machining of all materials.

M48 (Powder Metal)

Increased tool life over T15, ideal for stainless steel, harder & tougher materials.

K20 (Solid Carbide)

For high alloy steels, stainless steel, heat resistant super alloys & aluminium.

P40 (Solid Carbide

Ultimate performance on all steels.

Morse taper shank holders have through coolant supplied on the side of the shank above the morse taper. Machines without through coolant can be adapted for through coolant use on a milling machine or drilling machine using a coolant adapter alongside a Morse taper shank tool.


  • Morse taper or weldon shank
  • Through coolant
  • Manufactured from high quality alloy steel

Spade Drill Holder Design 

Supercut holders are available in both Morse Taper Shank or Weldon/Flat Shank with straight or spiral flute. Weldon shank holders have through coolant supply from the rear of the shank.

Machining Cutting Data

Spade drills work with completely different cutting data to indexable drills: using much higher feed per revolution but lower RPM.

The results are similar overall feed rates and time per hole to indexable insert drills, but vaslty superior tool life, meaning less down time due to insert wear and reduced cost in tool usage.

Machining Guidelines

Supercut spade drills are extremely reliable tools, however it is important that you follow the guidelines below to avoid tool failure or premature wear.


• Always run spade drills close to the recommended cutting data, low feed rates can cause inserts to rub and break down, high RPMs can cause inserts to burn out (if in doubt contact our technical team for advice).


• Do not run without internal coolant more than 2xD deep (contact our technical team for advice on coolant feeders for external coolant machines).


• Do not spot or centre drill - only drill on flat surfaces. For deep holes pilot drill with a short spade drill with same diameter insert.


• Do not bore with spade drills.


• Solid carbide inserts are only recommended for newer or stable machine tools. HSSE or PM grades are recommended for less stable machining conditions.


• Flat bottom inserts are only recommended for drilling 1xD deep. for deeper holes, drill with a standard point spade drill insert and finish with a flat bottom insert.



Inserts are fully compatible with Arno Shark Drills, Allied Maxcut TA Drill, Hertel Spade Drills and Europa spade drill bodies or inserts. However peformance cannot be guaranteed in a competitor holder due to factors such as wear, quality, accuracy.