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Miscellaneous Hole Making Tools

NC Spot Drills, Counterbores, Centre Drills, Drill Sets, Mag Drills & Countersinks

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Drill Sharpening Machines
Drill Sharpening Machines
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Tap & Drill Sets
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Hole Saws
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Drilling is the most popular application in hole making, however there are other tools  and accessories available for primary or secondary applications such as creating chamfers, countersinks, hole centres and counterbores.

Cutwel offer NC Spotting drills in HSS and solid carbide, HSS counterbores, HSS and solid carbide centre drills (in British Standard and Metric), Countersinks, drill sharpening machines (for carbide and HSS drills), tap and drill sets, and mag drills (magnetic drilling systems).  Browse our extensive range today or buy online for the best prices and delivery.