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Machine Reamers, Chucking Reamers, Hand Reamers, Taper Shank Reamers

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Precision reamers are designed to increase the size of a previously formed hole by a small amount but with a high degree of accuracy to leave very smooth sides. Machine reamers (also called chucking reamers) are typically used on milling machines or drilling machines.  Hand reamers as the name suggests, are used by hand.  Reamers are available in carbide or HSS and with straight shanks or for larger sizes, taper shanks.  Straight flute reamers are for through and blind holes where are spiral flute reamers are for blind holes.  For long chipping material such as aluminium, a high helix reamer should be used.

We stock a full range of machine reamers/chucking reamers, hand reamers and pin reamers from YG-1 and Presto in HSS, HSS Cobalt and solid carbide in metric and inch sizes.  Our range of reamers are available in straight flute, spiral flute, high helix in either parallel shank, morse taper shank or whole number shank.  Please contact us if you cannot see the size of reamer you are looking for or if you require a special reamer (e.g. PCD reamer, adjustable reamer) or buy online today for next day deliver and the best prices in the UK.