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Step Drills

Karnasch Step Drills for Sheet Metal Drilling

Step drills are a universal drilling tool used for sheet metal or metal plates in fabrication or sheet metal working shops.  Each step drill can be used for drilling a wide range of diameters; the deeper the drill is plunged, the wider the steps become.  Each step on a step drill is a given length meaning the right step drill much be selected for the thickness of the plate or sheet being drilling. Step drills can only be used for drilling nominal diameters (e.g. 6mm, 7mm, 8mm etc). 

Karnasch step drills are CBN ground with a spiral flute and split point.  The Dura Blue coating gives fantastic tool life, especially on stainless steel or tougher steels. Karnasch step drills are available for drlling from 3mm to 36mm diameter.  Buy today.