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Carbide Twist Drills

Coated Carbide Stub Drills, Carbide Jobber Drills, Long Length Carbide Drills and Through Coolant Carbide Drills

Carbide drills are supplied in a range of lengths including stub drills (suitable for drilling up to 3 x diameter deep) and jobber drills (suitable for drilling up to 5 x diameter deep) and are also available in long length and extra long length.  All our carbide drills are self centering drills do not need to be pre-drilled with a spot or centre drill.

The YG-1 Dream Drill series is on the UK's most popular high performance coated carbide drill range, offering performance, accuracy and tool life. Dream Drills can achieve M7 reamed tolerances and are self centering.  Our coated carbide drills and uncoated carbide drills are available with or without through coolant in 3 geometries:

  • Standard (for steel and cast iron) with or without through coolant
  • Inox (for stainless steel and alloy steels) with through coolant
  • Alu Power (lapped drills for aluminium) with through coolant


Coated carbide drills offer reduced cycle times of 80-90% compared to HSS drills and 5-6 times tool life.  Manufactured by YG-1, our coated carbide jobber drills and stubs drills are excellent quality and performance. Buy online today for the best prices in the UK and next day delivery.