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High Feed Milling With The HRM Double Indexable Milling System



The Korloy HRM Double milling system gives the best metal removal rates in steel and stainless steel by using high feed rates (1.0-2.0mm/tooth) combined with a small depth of cut (1.5mm-2.5mm). Metal removal rates can be increased by around 50% compared to conventional milling.

High feed milling is a relatively new concept but offers the best metal removal rates of any indexable milling tool.  The concept involves running at very high feed rates up to 2mm per tooth (around 400% higher than a traditional face mill or end mill) with a small depth of cut (1-2mm). 

The small entering angle of the insert creates a chip thinning effect which has very low cutting resistance.  It is also much kinder on  the machine spindle as the small cuts create much less vibration and in turn spindle wear. 

We recommend using HRM Double for roughing out or facing off and using a finisher for final operations such as 90 degree corners for optimum cycle times.

Features & Benefits

-  High rake angle cutting edge realized high feed and multifunctional machining due to reduced cutting load.

-  HRMD has improved economical aspect to use 6 cutting edges compared to HRM tool with positive insert.

-  Negative geometry has been designed for rigidity of cutting edge and double sided function.

-  HRMD insert with symmetrical cutting edge is applicable to be both-R and L type machining.

-  Simple screw on system and stable upholding are able to achieve strong clamping force.

Features Of The Body

Features Of The Insert

Application Area

- Unique insert design and high tolerance of tip seat part guarantees high quality surface roughness.

Code System

Corner R Programming

-Information for uncut part by using "Input.R" for CAM program.

-Uncut part can be changed by poor machine condition or weak clamp of workpiece, etc.

Recommended Cutting Condition

Buying Your HRM Double System!

The Korloy HRM Double System is one of our most highly rated indexable milling systems and buying one couldn't be easier! All the items are listed online for your convenience:

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