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Improve Productivity Through Workholding



Would you like to improve your accuracy, rigidity, set-up times and repeatability on your milling machines? 

Do you ever scrap jobs, take too long setting up, make custom jaws or fixtures? 

Would you like to eliminate those problems? 

Gerardi vices take away the need to use things like parallels, packers, v-blocks, plates and custom fixtures.


Gerardi offers a massive range of off the shelf jaws and accessories, all hardened to HRc60 and ground within 20 microns that will improve:

  • Highest Accuracy
  • Repeatability
  • Rigidity
  • Set up times
  • Scrap rates 

Please have a look at the booklet to see just some of applications a Standard Series vice can be used for.

All vices come with a 5 year guarantee.

Thousands of customers have been converted from well known competitors and even the local or domestic market leader and they all say they get better accuracy, rigidity and repeatability with a Gerardi vice.



All Gerardi vices are ground all over within 20 microns - so if you want to use them as a pair or in a row, you don't have to send them away for grinding - with Gerardi accuracy comes as standard.



Most of our competitor vices have cast iron bases and some even have aluminium jaws.... Gerardi vices are made 100% from 60 Rockwell heat treated steel for the ultimate rigidity. Your tools will last longer in a Gerardi vice.



Do you spent time making special fixtures, do you use v-blocks or adapt your current vice to hold awkward components? Gerardi vices have the largest range of spare jaws and accessories meaning you can clamp almost any workpiece with a standard vice, retaining the same 20 microns accuracy and repeatability.


Standard series vises have pull down jaws, can be adapted to clamp more than 1 workpiece and can be converted to hydraulic. There are hundreds of other uses too, click here to view the amazing things you can do with it.