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Increase Your Productivity with the V7 Plus Variable Helix Milling Cutters



One of the newer series of milling cutters to the Cutwel range, the V7 Plus, is on offer this month at 15% off. You can view these offers here.


One of the main benefits of using this is silent machining with High Feeds & Large Depths of Cut. An excellent example is show below when machining stainless of what these cutters can achieve:

So overall as you can see your productivity is increased! The V7 plus range also all have variable and multiple helix’s which reduce vibration/chatter and improves harmonics for improved stability in roughing & finishing. A special Y-Coating has been applied for superior wear and heat resistance and the corner geometry has been enhanced for longer tool life.


They are excellent for use on steels, cast iron, exotics and stainless steel. View the V7 plus rang in action here with some great technical data too on our YouTube channel