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90 Degree Indexable Milling Systems

Titanium, Heat Resistant Super Alloy and Aluminium Profile Milling Tools For High Mirror Image Finish. Perfect perpendicularity of the cutting edge for true 90 degree square shoulder milling.
90 Degree Aluminium & Non-Ferrous Machining. Holders available from 12mm to 32mm diameter. Ground insert, highly polished and high rake angle for smoothest chip control. Mirror finish machining.
The Korloy Aero Mill lightweight shell mill tool is for high performance machining in aluminium. Excellent machining performance can be achieved especially at the high speeds due to the light aluminum cutter body that is 50% of the weight of a conventional steel cutter body.
The RM4Z is designed for PLUNGE MILLING which can realise extremely high metal removal rates, especially in moulds or deep cavities. All holders are through coolant suitable for machining steel, stainless steel, cast iron, aluminium.
The original indexable square shoulder milling system, used by thousands of engineers in the UK. The inserts and holders are fully interchangeable with all other manufacturers holders.
RM4 is the MOST ECONOMICAL 90° indexable milling system in the Korloy range. Utilising a DOUBLE sided insert with 4 cutting edges which is around twice the thickness of traditional APKT/ADKT/APMT style inserts, it is perfect for MEDIUM TO ROUGH MILLING operations on steels, stainless steels, cast iron and aluminium.
The HIGHEST PERFORMANCE across the Korloy 90° indexable milling range in steel, stainless steel, HRSA and cast iron. The special geometry insert and high accuracy holder is designed for perfect 90° square shoulder milling.
Number 1 milling system for aluminium, copper, plastic & brass, offering mirror finish ultra high speed machining, exceptional swarf control and large depth of cut <23mm.
90° helical cutting indexable system offering the widest range of cutter diameters, insert sizes, grades and chip breaker geometries for the best all-round general performance across a wide range of materials.

90° Indexable Milling Systems for a Wide Range of Applications, from General Machining to High Performance Solutions.

90 Degree Indexable Milling Product Overview

ALPHA MILL offers the best all-round general machining performance across all metals, ideal for all machine tools including low power machines. 

Rich Mill RM4 is ideal for medium to heavy machining of steels, stainless steel and cast iron, whilst RM3 offers the highest performance machining with the highest accuracy and APKT MILL offers a cost effective option for general machining of steels, stainless steel and cast iron.

The range is completed by PRO-X MILL which offers extreme performance in aluminium and non-ferrous machining.