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High Feed Indexable Milling Systems

HFM Mill offers high performance high-feed machining from just 8mm in diameter.
The cutter bodies have a large number of teeth and use a small depth of cut (<0.5mm) with a high feed per tooth (<1mm).
Korloy HRM Double offers high feed milling, with a double sided 6 corner insert. The range is available from 16mm-315mm diameter, with 4 different insert sizes. HRM DOUBLE high feed cutters use a small depth of cut (<2mm) with a high feed per tooth (<2.5mm) and offers excellent performance in various materials.

High Feed Milling is a Machining Method Developed to Achieve Higher Metal Removal Rates. The Process Combines a Shallow Depth of Cut with a Large Cutting Radius and High Feed Per Tooth.

High Feed Indexable Milling Product Overview

Huge reductions in cycle time can be achieved with Korloy HFM and HRM Double compared to conventional 45° or 90° machining methods.