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Forging Mould

The forging mould industry imposes very high demands on cutting tools with workpiece materials with difficult properties such as high hardness and frequent work hardening. To meet these exacting requirements, we have released a comprehensive range of tools for roughing, medium cutting and finishing of hardened steels used in the forge moulding industry.  

The most common way of using forging mould is making products from a piece of metal by heating the metal and shaping it, which is called hot forging.  The component is formed using a press which forms the hot metal in the forging mould. 

Cutting tools are used to manufacture the forging mould which can range from complex 3D milled moulds to simple 2D moulds for objects such as flanges and rings.

 Typical metals used to manufacture forging moulds include tool steel with high hardness properties such as D2.  Many different cutting tools are used depending on the mould geometry including standard 90 degree milling cutters, milling tools for copy milling, carbide drills and indexable drills.