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Know Your Turning Grades



With so many different applications and various materials out there it can be difficult to choose what grade of insert you require for your job. We will try and make the process a bit easier for you here by providing a list of our most popular turning grades by our major supplier Korloy and what they should be used on:


NC3030 – General Steel & Stainless Steel (P30~P45 / M20~M30)

One of the oldest but most trusted Korloy grades, NC3030 is unbeatable for intermittent turning and heavy roughing operations on steel and stainless.  NC3030 is extra tough and great at low to medium speed machining.  The extra toughness also makes it the number 1 grade for conventional or manual lathes.


NC3220 – Steel (P15~P30)

Korloy’s NC3220 grade is exclusively for use on all Steel applications including carbon steel, alloy steel, tool steel, mild steel etc. It can be used for light interrupted or continuous cutting. NC3220 is a medium toughness grade and can be used for medium to high speed machining.  


PC9030 – Stainless Steel (M30~M40)

The toughest grade in the Korloy range for turning stainless steel, PC9030 is PVD coated and brilliant for medium to low speed machining of stainless steel.  The toughness of the grade makes it the most reliable for stainless steel.


PC8110 – Stainless & Exotics (M10~M20 / S10~S20)

The PC8110 is hard grade to be used on materials such as Stainless Steel, Exotics (e.g. Inconel), Heat Resistant Super Alloys (HRSA’s) and Titanium Alloys. The PVD coating helps strengthen the insert and gives high oxidation resistance. PC8110 can be used in medium to high speeds on stainless steel and exotics with excellent tool life on continuous turning applications.


PC5300 – General Purpose (P30~P40 / M20~M30 / K20~K25 / S20~S30)

The PC5330 is designed for general turning on steel, stainless steel, cast iron and heat resistant super alloys. It has a fine grain tough substrate and fine surface of coating layer. The toughness prevents chipping and also prevents built up edge.


H01 – Aluminium (K20 / K30)

If you are turning Aluminium then the H01 grade is the way to go! Supplied in an AK or AR chip breaker, this uncoated grade usually features a high rake angle to help with chip flow and low resistance cutting which gives longer tool life. It also incorporates a lapped geometry to help prevent built up edge. The H01 grade also provides a high quality finish.


We supply many more specialist grades too so should you have an application that isn't covered above please let us know! For any more information on Korloy turning inserts, grades and chip breakers please contact us on 01924 869 610 or email So why not start shopping for your Korloy turning inserts today by browsing the range here