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World leading manufacturer of high quality toolholding and workholding solutions for the metalworking industry.

Extensive range of chucks, available in different sizes and with different mounting options available. Bison chucks have hardened & ground work surfaces, providing the chucks with superior strength and extended lifetimes.

Soft & Hard jaws available for all Bison scroll chucks. Soft jaws can be machined to clamp a particular shaped workpiece. Hard jaws have longer life and improved clamping than soft jaws.

Independent chucks allow you to alter the position of each jaw Independently, giving extra flexibility and precision when clamping irregular workpieces.

Power chucks utilise a hydraulic clamping system for quicker and more consistent clamping of the workpiece compared to manual/scroll chucks.

Bison vices are designed for a wide range of operations, including milling, drilling and planing.

Wide range of Bison milling fixtures including rotary tables, indexing fixtures & angle plates.

Live centre best sellers from Bison bull nose, slimline and high precision live centres.

Bison dead centres have a 60° point and various clamping methods.

The Bison quick change tool post system is ideal for quick changeover of tools with precise repeatability.

World leading manufacturer of high quality toolholding and workholding solutions for the metalworking industry

For over 70 years, Bison have been providing their customers with reliable tailored and complete clamping solutions and the necessary technological tooling and workholding for the metal working industry.

Bison offer a wide range of truly European, durable and high-quality products, including: manual and power lathe chucks, cylinders, precision machine vises, milling fixtures, VDI toolholders, spindle tooling and quickchange toolposts, manufactured using advanced technologies. You can be confident that the solutions you choose are produced and delivered by unquestioned experts and industry leaders trusted by thousands of customers. You will find all the clamping solutions you need in just one place.


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