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German made innovative tooling technologies since 1986

Modular Tool Holder Assembly System

Flexible toolholder assembly with 360° rotation for all popular taper types & sizes.

Bar Pullers

Fully automate your lathe, saving both time and money. Available for round or VDI shanks.

CNC Die Holders

Revolutionise your external threading, it's impossible to cut quicker! Up to 3x faster than manual die applications.

Suitable for diverse workpiece shapes, clamps the workpiece powerfully and precisely.

Slitting Saw Arbors & Sets

Ideal for precise holding of slitting saw blades, with a high true running accuracy. Available for 20-100mm slitting saw blades.

The perfect solution for minimising set up times, easy to use and compatible with standard clamping devices.

Tool Kits

High quality industrial tool kits with an assorted range of tools for various applications.


High quality industrial and VDE screwdrivers available in a wide range of styles such as hex, Philips, slotted and more.

High quality industrial allen keys and torx drivers.

High quality industrial spanner sets with ring ratchet.

Pliers & Cutters

High quality industrial and VDE pliers and cutters. Available in a wide range of styles.


High quality VDE hammer spirit level. Ideal for electrical applications.

Spirit Levels

High quality VDE spirit level. Ideal for electrical applications.

Torque Tools

High quality VDE torque setting tool kit. Ideal for electrical applications.

Tschorn - Tooling Technology

Tschorn specialises in manufacturing a diverse range of products, Tschorn are known for their precision, durability and adaptability, making them the perfect tools for use in a wide range of applications. Tschorn products are designed to enhance the ease of use in order to minimise set up times and contributing to increasing productivity.

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