NC3215 TC** Turning Inserts
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NC3215 TC** Turning Inserts

Available in various chipbreakers - see chipbreaker application guide at the bottom of page


Turning Insert Chipbreaker Guide

HMP - For medium cutting. Excellent chip control at a wide range of cutting conditions. Suitable for stainless steel.

AK - For aluminium cutting. High rake and low resistance cutting edge secures long tool life in continuous cutting. High speed finishing.

AR - For aluminium cutting. High stability of cutting edge secures great performance in high speed and interrupted cutting.

C25 - For medium cutting. Suitable for interrupted cutting. Good surface finish due to low cutting force. Suitable for both boring and outer diameter turning.

B25 - For general cutting conditions.

GS - For medium to roughing cutting of Stainless Steel.

HS - For medium cutting of Stainless Steel. Wear resistance is reinforced through high rake angle of chip breaker.

HA - For light alloy, stainless steel machining. Sharp cutting edge generates low cutting force. Specially designed tough main cutting edge. For low cutting low carbon steel, stainless steel and aluminium.

VM - For general cutting conditions.

VF - Ideal for finishing. Good chip control on varied depth of cut. Excellent cutting edge strength.

VP2 – For medium to finish cutting. Stable chip control & high machinability in copying with various depths of cut.

VP3 – For medium cutting. High positive cutting edge with wide land. Stable cutting performance in interrupted machining with high toughness. Stable machinability and chip control in machining a high depth of cut.

HR - for roughing. Excellent chip control with deep cutting and fast feed rates. Strong cutting edge makes excellent cutting performance at intermittent cutting.

LW - for medium cutting (Wiper) – Excellent surface roughness and good chip controls at high feed machining.

MP - For medium cutting on forged Steel and bearing Steel. Chipbreakers have two step dots at the corner and bring an increase in productivity when machining forged steel at high speed(max. 350m/min) and high feed(max. 0.35mm/rev