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Grooving and Parting Tools

Parting Off Inserts, Blocks & Blades / Grooving Toolholders & Inserts for External & Internal Machining

Sawman Parting System
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KGT Grooving System
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MGT Multi Grooving Tools
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Fine Tool Internal Machining System
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Microscope Internal Machining System
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GFN Parting System
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GTN Parting System
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Parting off and grooving is often the final operation and require reliable and precision tool holders and inserts.  Grooving inserts can be split into 2 main types: sintered inserts and ground inserts (high precision).  Sintered carbide inserts are for general grooving and parting operations, side turning and copying.  For more accurate  precision operations ground inserts should be used.  Our range of KORLOY grooving and parting tools are ideal for general grooving whilst our German SIMTEK range for precision grooving.

Cutwel's range of multi-purpose grooving tools from Korloy covers a wide range of applications including: external grooving, side turning, copying, internal grooving,circlip grooving. boring, face grooving, relief grooving, threading and back boring. 

The Fine Tool internal machining system is ideal for grooving in small bores (from 8mm diameter).  Our new KGT system offers a 4 point clamping method and self centering insert which increases rigidity and machining accuracy.  The Microscope grooving system is excellent for small part machining from 1mm diameter bores.  Our best selling SAWMAN parting system offers unbeatable value and reliability. We also offer generic GTN and GFN parting inserts, compatible with Iscar parting holders. Please order online or request a SIMTEK grooving catalogue today.