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Auto Tools (for Sliding Heads and Small Part Machining)

Auto Tools (for Sliding Heads and Small Part Machining)

Turning & Grooving Tools for Swiss Type Lathes

Multifunctional Auto Tool Holders
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Multifunctional Auto Tool Inserts
Category Multifunctional Auto Tool Inserts

Swiss type lathes (also known as sliding heads of automatic lathes) are used for high production small part machining.  This means only exceptional quality inserts that are precision ground should be used. The Korloy Auto Tool range is designed for applications where size & precision matters. The inserts are precision ground to the highest tolerance for ultimate accuracy and are excellent for complicated machining. 

The range comes on a variety of small shank sizes starting at 10mm to 20mm making it ideal for Automatic lathes, sliding heads or any other machine where small shank tooling is required. 

Excellent for precision machining, complicated machining and small part machining. Various insert sizes and geometries can be clamped on one FGT holder. ISO holders offset "0" .  Buy Auto Tools online today.

For a more extensive range of grooving tools from sliding heads or small part machining, please request a SIMTEK catalogue today, from the German leader in grooving and turning tools for small part machining.