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Multifunctional Turn, Drill, Face & Boring Systems

The Quad-Turn and Multiturn System offers Holder Diameters from 10-32mm at 1.5, 2.25, 2.5, & 3xD. With insert grades to cover Steel, Stainless Steel, Cast Iron & Non Ferrous Materials. Now you can do Drilling, Boring, Face Turning and OD Turning all with the same tool.


  • Save Space in your turret & reduce stock keeping costs - Only 1 tool needed for 4 applications
  • Reduced cycle times through elimination of tool changes
  • Reduced set up time - only one tool to pre-set
  • Through coolant as standard, PLUS side coolant hole for machines without through coolant
  • Less effort to program machine
  • Produces a flat bottom hole
  • Reduced stock keeping costs
  • Holders / Inserts compatible with competitor systems (XCNT Style Inserts)



Tool Design by FEM analysis

Insert Grade Guide

  • Improved surface roughness and reduced cutting load by inclined cutting edge
  • Stepping designed cutting edge enables stable machining by minimizing cutting edge part on workpiece when drilling starts
  • Excellent cutting performance due to better chip curling while drilling
  • Helix-angled flute design enables smooth chip evacuation and excellent drilling
  • Through coolant system leads longer tool life and smooth chip evacuation