Sawman Parting System
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Sawman Parting System

Insert Selection

Sawman - Block

Sawman - Integral

  • Shank sizes available in 16-32mm
  • Blades available in 26 or 32mm
  • Used in conjunction with Sawman Blades
  • Inserts available in 2-5mm width
  • Integral square shank
  • Higher rigidity due to integral design
  • Suitable for parting off up to 70mm diameter

Sawman - Blade


  • Inserts available in 2-6mm width
  • Double ended stopper type blade
  • Adjustable length
  • Compatible with other manufacturers blocks

Sawman - Inserts

Sawman - Wrench

  • Inserts available in 2-6mm width
  • NC3030 – CVD coated general purpose
  • NC3220 – CVD coated for steel
  • PC9030 – PVD coated for stainless steel
  • PC8110 – PVD coated for heat resistant super alloys
  • PC5300 – PVD coated general purpose (tough)
  • NC5330 – CVD coated general purpose (high speed)
  • H01 – Uncoated for aluminium

The Sawman Parting System offers Insert Widths from 2-6mm. With insert grades to cover Steel, Stainless Steel, Cast Iron & Non Ferrous Materials. The Sawman Parting Range offers high performance, good tool life. Korloy Sawman Blades are compatible with all industry standard parting blocks.


  • Grades for parting all materials
  • Left, Neutral or Right handed inserts
  • Minimum nosed radius to minimise burr size
  • Small chips due to special chip breaker and cutting edge design
  • Block and blade type or integral square shank type
  • Stopper type insert location for highest precision