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Leading UK & Ireland Engineering Cutting Tool Supplier Cutwel, bring to you the Simturn® C4 system for precision internal & external machining with front mounted inserts designed to meet special requirements in small part machining. 

The multipurpose system can be used for back turning, grooving, profiling, parting off and threading with swiss type/sliding head lathes. The front mounting inserts ensure an easy to use system. Shank sizes start from 7mm and a wide range of inserts are available with cutting depths up to 5.5mm. 

If you machine many different materials the simturn® C4 range accommodates this by providing all its inserts in 3 different grade. There is a grade for general applications, another for stainless steel and heat resistant super alloy materials and an uncoated grade ideal for working on aluminium and other non-ferrous materials. In addition there are inserts that offer not only a general cutting edge geometry but also a special cutting edge geometry for short chipping materials like Brass and Copper Alloys.




So if you have a swiss type/sliding head lathe or If you would like further information on the simturn® C4 range then please go to www.cutwel.co.uk where you can also buy this system. Alternatively call 01924 869 610 or email sales@cutwel.net