Linear Broaching Made Simple With Benz LinA/LinS
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Linear Broaching Made Simple With Benz LinA/LinS



Broaching is often impossible without a specific broaching or keyway machine for most machine shops, meaning most engineering companies turn down work, sub-contract it out or create a new set up if a broaching machine is available.

Benz have solved this problem with the invention of the LinA and LinS system which makes the production of keyways, splines and torx possible on any modern machining centre or driven tooling lathe.  This allows for reduce set ups, quicker cycle times and more accurate parts through one hit machining.


The LinA system changes the live tool turret’s rotary motion into a linear motion for broach and spline machining by lifting the tool off the material 0.006′ on the return stroke for a polished surface finish and increased tool life. The user positions the Z axis to the start position and programs a constant X feed until broach depth is achieved at 1,000 rpm (1,000 strokes per minute). Its radial and axial models are available in both long- and short-stroke versions.



The LinS system enables broaching on machining centres without compromising spindle or spindle-bearing integrity, the company says. The torque arm is said to eliminate oscillating spindle conditions that can cause broach inserts to chip, and rotating the spindle at 50 rpm provides spindle and bearing protection during broaching operations. The LinS system can be adjusted to provide 360 degrees of rotation and can be used with a fourth axis to create splines, torx and hex shapes.

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