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Lubricating Oils

Lubricating oils are great in cutting scenarios where the workpiece, tools or machine get very hot which can lead to tool failure and poor workpiece finish. Wide range of oils available for all situations.

    Shop Now General Lubricating Oils

    From Rocol, Millers Oils and Cutwel Pro. Ideal for general purpose lubrication and covers various applications including high speed spindles, general purpose lubrication of bearings and moderately loaded gearbox applications.

    Shop Now Compressor Oils

    From Millers Oils. Compressor oils are ideal for the lubrication of reciprocating, rotary compressors and vacuum pumps. Meets the DIN51506 standard.

    Shop Now Hydraulic Oils

    From Rocol, Cutwel Pro and Millers Oils. High quality hydraulic oil offers reliable protection against corrosion and wear, whilst maximising power transfer for efficiency in industrial applications.

    Shop Now Gear Oils

    From Millers Oils. For use in industrial gear applications including spur, helical and bevel gears. Has extreme pressure additive technology for lubrication and protection of gear teeth, even under high load.

    Shop Now Slideway Oils

    Slideway oils from Rocol, Millers Oils and Cutwel Pro has anti wear and anti corrosion properties with high lubricity and non-drip formulation to prevent stick-slip and protect slideways.

    Shop Now Spindle Oils

    Spindle oils from Millers Oils. Different compounds available for hand tapping or for high speed spindles. Good oxidation stability and protection against corrosion.