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Lubrication Accessories

Wide range of accessories including marking pens, refractometers, fluid mixers, tramp oil belt skimmers and more.

    Shop Now Marking Pens & Layout Ink

    Marking Pens & Layout Ink from Rocol provides faster, cleaner, more accurate marking out on all metal and plastic surfaces. It gives a smooth even film, enabling clear sharply defined lines to be scribed easily on all surfaces without chipping.

    Shop Now Spill Kits

    Spill kits from Millers Oils are used to absorb spillages of all types of liquids.

    Shop Now Refractometers

    Refractometers from Insize and Rocol are used for testing the viscosity of cutting fluid and lubricants. Provides an accurate read out.

    Shop Now Fluid Mixers

    Fluid Mixers from Rocol and Millers Oils accurately mixes and dispenses water mix cutting and grinding fluids from the barrel.

    Shop Now Tramp Oil Belt Skimmers

    Tramp Oil Belt Skimmers from Millers Oils removes tramp oil from machine coolant tank.