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Machine Tool & Fluid Maintenance Products

Maintenance & fluid care products are essential for ensuring machines and fluids stay operating at maximum efficiency and prevent unwanted or costly downtime.

    Shop Now Maintenance Sprays & Compounds

    Maintenance sprays from Rocol (or FLAWFINDER system). provides a fast, reliable method for visible detection of cracks or flaws which would not normally be visible to the naked eye. Used to inspect welded joints, castings and forgings.

    Shop Now System Cleaners

    System cleaners from Rocol & Cutwel Pro are for the disinfection and cleaning of machine tools (does not affect painted surfaces on machines). Formaldehyde and boron free.

    Shop Now Fluid Care Products

    Fluid care products from Rocol and Cutwel Pro. Care products ensure cutting fluid is in optimum condition and your machines and operators are cared for. Specially designed bacteriacides and fungicides available.