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Metalworking Lubricants

Metalworking lubricants are cutting fluids designed specifically for use when machining metal. They include cutting fluids, neat cutting oils and dielectric fluids.

    Shop Now Water Soluble Cutting Fluids

    Water soluble cutting fluids from Rocol and Cutwel Pro. Various types of fluid available including semi-synthetic cutting fluids, grinding fluids, extreme pressure / heavy duty fluids and more.

    Shop Now Neat Cutting Oils

    Neat cutting oils from Cutwel Pro. Gives excellent performance on steel, stainless steels, exotics and non-ferrous materials. Available for either high or standard pressure coolant.

    Shop Now Hand Applied Cutting Lubricants

    Hand cutting fluids from Rocol and Cutwel Pro. Ideal for multiple applications including reaming, tapping and drilling. Various application types including spray, compound and liquids.

    Shop Now Dielectric Fluids

    Dielectric fluid from Millers Oils is ideal for spark erosion and electro-discharge machining applications. Good metal removal rates and a good resistance to oxidation with long working life.