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High Performance Universal Machine Taps

Unified Fine
Unified Coarse
Metric Fine
Metric Coarse

Powder Metal Taps for High Performance Tapping of Carbon / Alloy Steels and Universal Tapping on a Wide Range of Materials, from YG-1 and UFS

High performance powder metal machine taps include the PRIME series from YG-1 and UNIVERSAL TOP LINE series from UFS. They are primarily designed for HIGH PERFORMANCE tapping of medium-low resistance carbon and alloy steels. They are also excellent for multi-purpose tapping of stainless steel, cast iron, aluminium, copper, brass and titanium, offering increased surface speeds and tool life compared to HSSE taps.

The range of PRIME taps from YG-1 features a patented design which prevents over feeding, thin threads and oversized pitch diameter.

The UFS UNIVERSAL LINE features special geometries including BACK TAPERED flutes which prevent the taps from breaking during the inversion phase of tapping. All the taps in these ranges are made from high quality HSS powder steel with high cobalt and vanadium content which gives the taps exceptional wear resistance and tool life, even at high cutting speeds.

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Tapping Accessories

To guarantee trouble free tapping, we supply a wide range of tapping holders, adapters, collets and lubricants for general and high performance tapping applications. We also have the UK’s largest STOCKED range of thread plug gauges.

ER Collets With Square

ER Collets With Tension

Synchro Rigid Tap Chucks

Quick Change Tap Chucks

Quick Change Tap Adapters

Thread Gauges

Tapping Lubricants