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Magnetic Lifting Gear

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The Ultralift Plus is the safest way to move ferrous loads! It provides fast and efficient lifting for a wide range of loads in the factory or workshop. It's capable of lifting both round and flat sec...

  • Ultralift Plus - The safest way to move ferrous loads
  • 125, 250 or 500 SWL (kg)
  • Quicker, easier and safer to use than slings, chains, hooks and grabs and do not mark the load
  • Permanently magnetic, and switching the Ultralift Plus on and off is manual, so no power is required and it has no operating costs
  • High intensity neodymium 'rare earth' magnet material for the highest power to weight ratio
  • Safety button - locks the handle in place preventing the accidental release of the load
  • Safety shim - the patented safety shim enables pre-testing of the load thereby ensuring a 3:1 guaranteed safety factor
  • Lifting eye sensor - when under tension the lifting eye automatically locks the handle ensuring that the load cannot be released
  • Comes with a 3 year warranty

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The Ultralift Thin Plate Lifter is specifically designed for the safe lifting of thin plate and pressings. It can lift up to 40kg and can lift steel sheets with thicknesses as low as 5mm....

  • Safe, efficient lifter for steel plate and steel pressings
  • Lifts up to 400kg (flat)
  • Quick, safe, single face engagement with the load
  • Can lift single sheets from the tops of stacks
  • Locking switch handle safety mechanism

From £710.95 £592.46

Ultralift LM is a cost effective lifting magnet which provides fast and efficient lifting for flat and round section steel. Ultralift LM uses high intensity a neodymium 'rare earth' magnet material fo...

  • Ultralift LM (Lifting Magnet)
  • Safe, efficient, magnetic lifter for moving steel loads
  • Supplied with a range of safety features
  • Simple, quick, single face engagement with the load
  • Can be used for flat or round section steel stock
  • Facilitates more lifts per hour
  • Reduced risk of load damage

From £392.22 £326.85

The Ultralift E Magnetic Lifter is a high performance and cost-effective magnetic lifter. It is extremely easy to operate and provides a safe and efficient way to lift ferrous loads in your factory, w...

  • Superior lifting performance and cost-effective
  • Simple, safe, single person operation
  • Increased lifts per hour – engages with the load instantly
  • Optimises storage space - requires only single face access to the load
  • Does not damage the load
  • Ideal for applications ranging from light pick and place equipment to heavy steel stock movement
  • The load can be moved with pinpoint accuracy
  • Zero running costs – uses permanent magnetic technology
  • Ideal for flat surface or round steel section
  • Easy to operate, with no electricity required

From £238.80 £199.00