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Marvellous March Special Offers Out Now



This month’s offers are truly marvellous! So before you take a look at them all, let's go through some of the highlights that are sure to wet your appetite for a further deal or two.


Don't forget these offers are valid throughout this month only and will end on Thursday 31st March.



FREE Rocol Ultraglide X5 Slideay Oil when you buy a 20 or 55 litre Rocol V-Cut Cutting Fluid

Everyone likes something for free, and that’s what you will find in this offer. The Rocol V-Cut range is a high performance cutting fluid which offers optimum balance between lubrication and cooling whilst giving excellent metal removal rates, long predictable sump life and unbelievable cutting/grinding performance.


But here’s the part you are really waiting for, when you buy the V-Cut mentioned above you will get a FREE Rocol Ultraglide X5 slideway Oil! The offer works like this, buy a 20 litre v-cut product and get 5 litres of ultraglide x5 free or buy 55 litre v-cut and get 20 litres of x5 slideway oil free!


So what are you waiting for, enjoy the benefits of the UK’s market leading cutting fluid right here – view the offer here.



NEW H-Class Korloy Turning Inserts Out Now - Introductory prices from only £3.96 each!

We are delighted to introduce a new turning insert range that offers 50% more accuracy than standard aluminium turning inserts. The H-Class range (CCHT, DCHT etc.) has an exclusive tolerance of +/-0.013 which is improved on the standard G-class range (CCGT, DCGT etc.) of +/-0.025. Apart from higher accuracy, the other benefits of using this new range are improved surface finish and higher repeatability. Only a low cutting load is needed due to the high rake angle and a new tabby pattern chip pocket.


Check out the new range at our excellent introductory prices now – view the offer here 



 BT, SK and ISO Tool Holders from only £19.99 each

One of our most popular offers is back! A huge range of BT MAS (BT40/BT50), DIN69871 (SK40/SK50) and DIN2080 (ISO40/ISO50) tool holders are all reduced in price this month and start from only £19.99 each!


Within the range you will find ER collet chucks, End Mill holders (Side Lock Arbors), Drill Chucks and Tap chucks all balanced to either 8,000rpm or 12,000rpm. Not only that, if you use HSK tooling or PSK tooling these can also be found within the offer and prices start from just £37.23 each.


View the huge range of offer here   



Alu-Power Milling Cutters from only £5.02 each!

What would a month of special offers be without milling cutters being involved!? Don’t worry as one of our most popular ranges, the Alu-Power series from YG-1 is available in March, and with prices starting from just £5.02 it would be impossible to ignore!


These lapped cutters provide an exceptional surface finish on aluminium (they can also be used on plastic too!) and with its high helix you needn’t worry about any swarf issues.


The range consists of multiple geometries – you can view these offers right here


 The offers don’t stop there, head on over to our full special offer page where you can view them in full and also you can download our full special offer flyer if you prefer.