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High Precision Bench Centres and Concentricity Gauges, from leading brands Insize & Mitutoyo. 

Concentricity Gauges

Concentricity Gauges from leading brand Insize, optional dial test indicators. Available for UK next day delivery.

Bench Centres

High Precision Bench Centres from leading brand Insize.

Bench Centres & Concentricity Gauges

What are bench centres and how do you use them?

Bench centres can usually be found in every workshop. They are used to hold components for inspection between centres. Bench centres feature two tailstocks which hold the workpiece at either end.

Dial test indicators (DTI) are used to accurately inspect a workpiece held in a bench centre. These can be mounted, or clamped, to the bench centre using a DTI stand in the correct location on the component. From there, the user can inspect workpiece concentricity, run-out and straightness. If the workpiece needs to be checked at several locations, two or more DTI clocks can be mounted for simultaneous inspection. This not only reduces change-over time but also improves accuracy.

Various lengths of bench centres are available to check different component lengths. Special models, such as miniature bench centres for small diameter inspection, are also available.


What are concentricity gauges?

In some situations where bench centres cannot be used to inspect a component, v-blocks (vee blocks) can be used. However, when both options are not viable, concentricity gauges can be used. Components are held and rotated on bearings with one or more DTI used for inspection.