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Zero Setters

Zero Setters

Dial and electronic zero setters from Insize. Different shapes and styles available. LED lights up when the cutting tool touches the anvil to complete the circuit.

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The Insize 6553 is a premium quality Electronic Zero Setter, made in Germany by Insize Plus for precise and accurate measurements. It has a permanent magnetic base and can be used for vertical or hori...

  • The base is electrically conducted to the cutting tools through the table and chuck, the LED lights up when the cutting tool touches the anvil.
  • Magnetic base.
  • 2 batteries LR44 or SR44.

From £247.45 £206.21

The Insize 2394 Zero setter is supplied with an on/off magnetic base, and can be used for vertical or horizontal set ups....

  • Magnetic base with on/off switch.
  • 100mm height.
  • Graduation 0.01mm.

From £356.00 £296.67

The Insize 2397 Zero setter is supplied with a magnetic base. It can be used for vertical or horizontal set ups....

  • Magnetic base.
  • 50mm height.
  • Graduation 0.01mm.

From £255.95 £213.29

The Insize 6556 Zero setter with dial indicator. Made from polished stainless steel for longer tool life and durability from machine shop wear....

  • Graduation 0.01mm.
  • Setting rod included.

From £374.47 £312.06

Zero Setters

What are zero setters and how are they used?

Zero setters are used to set tool datums (reference points) or tool lengths (tool zero) when setting up machine tools. Each zero setter features an anvil, or pressure plate, which triggers the dial to spin round as pressure is applied. When the dial face reaches zero (0), the tool has been set to the correct length. Continuing to apply pressure to the pad could cause the tool to snap when the plate reaches its maximum depth.

In most situations, the user starts by setting the longest tool. Then, wind the machine down to z minus (z-) and onto the pressure plate until the dial reaches 0 or LED light is at its brightest (sometimes this is indicated with a beep). The user would set the machine tool offset to 0 and then proceed to bring all remaining tools to the same level. The result is that, when setting up a job, all tools are the same length.


What type of zero setters are available?

Zero setters can be supplied either with a dial face or a LED light. A dial face will feature a scale which shows how far down the anvil has been pushed and how close the tool is to be set to zero. Electronic zero setters have a built-in LED which will get brighter as increased pressure is put on the anvil. It will shine brightest when the zero point has been achieved. We would always recommend dial-led zero setters as it can be difficult to work out when a LED has reached its brightest. A dial scale can either be mounted on the face of the zero setter or as a separate attachment at the side.

Certain zero setters also feature a magnetic base, some of which feature an on/off switch. A magnetic base allows the unit to be attached securely to the machine bed or on any metal fixture in a manual or CNC machine. Different heights are also available, with common sizes being 50mm and 100mm. One thing to note is that this height is independent of the anvil, which adds to the total height of the unit.

Cutwel supply zero setters from Insize and the Cutwel Pro range which are perfect for general and precision zero setting applications. Some models from Insize are a part of the Insize Plus range which are made in Germany to high standards.