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Small Tool Instruments

The UK's largest range of precision measuring tools, inspection instruments & accessories


Dial, digital & vernier calipers from Insize & Mitutoyo


Digital, dial & analogue micrometers from Insize & Mitutoyo

Bore Gauges &
Internal Micrometers

Precision bore gauges, 3 & 2 point internal bore micrometers & accessories

Thread Gauges

The UK's biggest range of high quality precision thread plug & ring gauges from JBO & Insize


Precision dial, digital & dial test indicators from Insize & Mitutoyo

Depth Gauges

Digital, dial and vernier depth gauges & depth micrometers from Mitutoyo & Insize

Height Gauges

Digital, dial & vernier precision height gauges from Insize, Bowers & Mitutoyo

Straight Edges, Squares
& Protractors

Steel, granite & magnalium straight edges, squares, protractors & combination squares

Measuring Tool Sets

Great for apprentice tool boxes or general machine shop usage

General Gauges

Gauges for gauging pitch, gears, centres, angles, threads, chamfers, tapers & welds

Gauge Blocks

Steel, carbide & ceramic slip gauge blocks, wear blocks, angle gauge blocks & inspection gauge blocks

Pin Gauges &
Plain Plug Gauges

High precision pin gauges, handles and sets with up to 101 gauges from 0.2mm to 20mm

Thickness, Snap &
Caliper Gauges

Precision thickness gauges, dial & digital caliper gauges, snap gauges & spring calipers

CMM Workholding

Modular CMM workholding clamping kits, plates, clamps, jacks & accessories

Concentricity Gauges &
Bench Centres

High quality precision bench centres & concentricity gauges

Precision Weighing Scales
& Accessories

Precision weighing scales, counting scales, balance scales, platform scales, floor scales & weights.

Torque Tools
& Accessories

Mechanical , Digital & Dial Precision Torque Wrenches, Screw Drivers & Torque Multipliers.

Slip Gauge Accessories
& Maintenance Kits

For the use of gauge blocks for measuring devices, instruments etc.

MultiCheck Thread
Checking Gauges

For Increase cost savings considerably. Reduce thread gauging cycle times by up to 50%!


Measures from just 0.1mm right up to 9999.9m

Laser Measuring

Measuring device for fast and contact-free distance measurements

Horizontal, Vertical &
Linear Scales

Point, blade, groove, hook & knife edge options

Read Outs

Multifunctional digital calipers for a wide range of measuring tasks

Inspection Vices &
Sine Bars

Point, blade, groove, hook & knife edge options